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SQI Diagnostics is a diagnostics company that develops the most advanced multiplexed tests and automated systems for customers who need to measure a wide variety of biomarkers in blood or other common sample types. Multiplexed tests detect multiple analytes from a single biological specimen, and at SQI, it’s done in an automated fashion.

We offer solutions to the testing needs of three markets:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Drug Development
  • Human Diagnostic Testing
  • Animal Health Diagnostic Testing

We offer a broad range of multiplexed products and services that includes detecting and quantifying proteins, antibodies and DNA.

At SQI, our technology supports better healthcare through faster and more accurate multiplexing technology. We have 12 patents and all of the know-how to simplify your multiplex testing needs. Our multiplexed tests and automated systems greatly simplify work flow. With full service product commercialization, hands-free processing, automated data analysis and reporting, SQI delivers the results you needed yesterday, quickly and efficiently.

Specifically, we help generate more comprehensive data delivering many diagnostic results from single tests and single specimens, using an automated process that also reduces development effort, sample processing labour and handling errors. Our team of expert assay development scientists will do all the work to build your leading-edge multiplexed test significantly reducing the time and cost of development.

We deliver market-leading, quality tests to you sooner and these tests will significantly reduce your work load and will increase the quality of your data. If you are a drug developer you get badly needed answers sooner.

If you are a diagnostic lab, we quite simply eliminate most of your labour without sacrificing quality.

Cheaper, better, faster.

We believe you already have the ingenuity to dramatically improve quality of life. Our job is to provide the tools and services that will progress those ideas to market faster.

Our Mission

To provide high quality in vitro diagnostic and pharmaceutical research products, plus support and services, for better quality of life. Our team is as passionate about your patients and your research as you are.

  • Creating more accurate and comprehensive results
  • Satisfying our customers’ need for confidence, profit and growth
  • Providing a meaningful and fulfilling career for employees
  • Generating a superior rate of return for investors

Our Quality Commitment

Our Quality Management System is designed to meet all regulatory requirements, while also giving customers and investors complete peace of mind.

  • Continuously improve quality processes, products and services
  • Products developed in a controlled and fully documented environment
  • Submit only high-quality new products to regulatory, with predictable outcomes
  • Ensure full traceability of diagnostic products
  • Maintain total transparency with suppliers and purchased products
  • Reduce and eliminate non-conforming products
  • Train employees in accordance with top quality procedures.

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Our Commitment to Ethical Research

SQI Diagnostics ensures that all animal products used for custom projects and assay development are in compliance with provincial, federal, and international laws governing the shipping of biological specimens. This is especially true for endangered and protected species.

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