We’re driven by science, discovery and commercialization of knowledge.

Frequently Asked Question

What does SQI offer?

We help to protect and improve lung heath. We do this by creating, refining and delivering respiratory diagnostics. This includes supplying hospitals and clinics with accessible testing solutions that support life-saving treatments, including lung transplants.

With the emergence of COVID, the most significant respiratory illness of our time, we now provide solutions to laboratories to identify COVID infections. We also supply pharmacies and other retailers that provide home-testing products to consumers.

Our tests simplify and improve COVID antibody monitoring, Rapid Acute Lung Injury testing, donor organ transplant informatics, and immunological protein and antibody testing.

In short, we help people identify risks to their lung health so they can make good choices and receive the best possible care as patients.

Why are you focused on lung health?

Our lungs don’t just provide oxygen, they keep every other organ in our bodies functioning and healthy by removing carbon dioxide. When our lungs are healthy, we have more energy, greater mobility and a better quality of life. On the other hand, lung problems can profoundly affect the quality and duration of our lives. The cost of lung-related illness to health care systems and the global economy is incalculable.

For 20 years, SQI Diagnostics has been focused on the life-changing and life-saving science of lung health and we’re a leader in that field. Our testing gives physicians around the world deeper insights into lung health. Our technology has revolutionized lung transplants. We’re developing an organ health test that increases the chance of successful lung transplantation and improves organ availability for transplant patients.

What are your strengths?

We’re driven by science, discovery and commercialization of knowledge. We bring rigour, discipline and data-driven decision-making to every aspect of our work.

We’re focused on building partnerships. We work with some of the world’s foremost transplant hospitals, labs and leaders to perfect our products. For 20 years, we’ve been developing and manufacturing respiratory health and precision medicine tests that run on SQI’s fully automated systems.

Our suite of COVID home tests empower people in improving their well-being and protecting others. We continue to explore other opportunities for utilizing other types of convenient home health test kits.

What drives SQI’s Growth?

We’re a science-driven, for-profit organization focused on global growth. Our company started in Guelph, a university town in southwest Ontario. We were motivated then, and now, to mobilize knowledge to enable healthier, longer lives.

We’ve come a long way since then (and relocated up the road to Toronto). But we’re still driven by a sense of purpose to improve human health. And in fact, that motivation is renewed and reinforced through our partnerships with researchers in hospitals and universities across North America and Europe.

What’s your connection to patients?

In addition to offering diagnostic tools to caregivers, we’re also exited by opportunities to put sophisticated, easy to use tests in the hands of patients themselves. An at-home test offers convenience. It can bring relief. It can point to next steps in protecting health. It can tell people with a condition that they need to seek physician care.

Nearly everyone has a person in their life who has experienced respiratory health conditions or has had medical issues with their own lungs. Everyone has been touched by COVID, whether through an infection or in the many was that uncontrolled transmission impacts communities.

We offer testing tools that can help. There is a need. There is a market. We believe there is still much untapped potential in life-changing and life-saving lung science.

Does it make sense to focus on COVID? What happens when the pandemic ends?

Lung health is our mission. And COVID is the great respiratory challenge of our times. We want to do our part by bringing new antibody monitoring tools to market. And the reality is that COVID will be a presence in our lives for the foreseeable future. Testing will be an essential tool in managing individual and community health.

We’re seeing governments move into a new phase of COVID preparedness with heavy emphasis on testing. Affordable and accurate testing will be central to COVID-19 response in the years ahead. Testing helps to start treatment sooner. Testing can tell people to isolate to help break chains of infection, which in turn, helps people safely take part in the social and economic life of their community.