We are Committed to Improving Lung Transplant Patient Outcomes and Improving Donor Lung Availability by Providing Precise Innovative Diagnostics Transplant Surgeons to Help Determine the Health of the Organ Prior to Surgery

Our goal is to become the leading partner for transplant patients and surgeons and organ health and availability.

There is an unmet clinical need for a diagnostic test that can better inform whether a lung is suitable and healthy for transplantation by using measurable biological readouts of lung health.

TORdx™ Lung Transplant Test

We are pioneering thedevelopment of an advanced diagnostic test that increases the chance of successful lung transplant and organ availability by assessing the health of the donor organ prior to transplant surgery. The developmental TORdxLung Transplant Test can detect inflammation at the molecular level to assess the health of the donor lung, enabling surgeons to transplant healthy lungs which otherwise would have been rejected.

We have partnered our development with University Health Network (UHN) Hospitals,one of the largest health and medical research organizations in North America. Upon regulatory approvalof the TORdxLung Transplant Test, clinical development is planned for diagnostic tests designed to increase the chance of successful kidney and livertransplant.

“Integrating rapid diagnostics is a major step forward in lung transplantation. By providing transplant teams with quantitative metrics to more accurately assess donor lungs, we are moving decision making in transplantation into the era of personalized medicine.”

Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, Surgeon-in-Chief, Sprott Department of Surgery, Director, Toronto Lung Transplant Program and Director, Latner Thoracic Surgery Research Laboratories

The TORdxLung Transplant Test is under clinical development and the Company intends to apply for FDA marketing approval.