Our commitment is to improve lives by leveraging our cutting-edge technology to create innovative diagnostics.

Lung Transplant Diagnostics

We are developing the TORdx™ LUNG Test, an advanced diagnostic that may increase the chance of successful transplants by assessing the health of donor lungs.

  • Detects inflammation at the molecular level to help assess the health of donor lungs
  • Enables surgeons to better identify donor lungs for transplant which otherwise would have been rejected
  • Contributes to the number of lungs available for transplant

*Not yet commercially available. Not cleared by FDA or licensed by Health Canada.

The role of precision diagnostics in donor-organ management*
*Human organ repair centers: Fact or fiction? (2020, May 13). JTCVS.
Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion (EVLP)

Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion (EVLP) is becoming the established standard of care for conditioning donor lungs suspected of injury prior to transplantation. Placing donor lungs on EVLP has been shown to increase the utilization of available lungs for transplant from 20% to 40%*. The criteria for selecting lungs for transplant after EVLP is currently based primarily on lung functionality and surgical team experience and expertise. To date, there are no quantitative inflammatory biomarker data to assist surgical decision-making regarding lung quality.


*Divithotawela et al., JAMA Surg 2019;154(12):1143-50; 2 Sage et al., The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 2021;40(7):687-695

The future state of the organ-management ecosystem. LTx, Lung transplantation

Instead of using typical methods of transportation, the use of Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS, or drones) to deliver organs result in a faster and more efficient manner. This is the future of transplantation. *

*Human organ repair centers: Fact or fiction? (2020, May 13). JTCVS.
An Expert Opinion

“Integrating rapid diagnostics is a major step forward in lung transplantation. By providing transplant teams with quantitative metrics to more accurately assess donor lungs, we are moving decision making in transplantation into the era of personalized medicine.”

 –  Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, Surgeon-in-Chief, Sprott Department of Surgery, Director, Toronto Lung Transplant Program and Director, Latner Thoracic Surgery Research Laboratories
First Drone Driven Lung Transplant

In 2021 in Canada, a 63-year old engineer received his lung transplant via drone delivery. This was the world’s first drone-delivered lung transplant. The drone flew for approximately 6 minutes from Toronto Western Hospital across the city to Toronto General Hospital to deliver the organ.