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SQI Diagnostics Receives Health Canada Medical Device License for its Celiac Test Kit

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– Ig_plex® Celiac DGP Panel simultaneously quantifies peptide and antibody biomarkers associated with celiac disease -Toronto, OntarioFebruary 24, 2014SQI Diagnostics Inc. (TSX-V: SQD),

a life sciences and diagnostics company that develops and commercializes proprietary technologies and products for advanced microarray diagnostics, today announced it has received a license from Health Canada permitting the Company to market its multiplexed Ig_plex® Celiac DGP Panel.

“This panel will provide clinicians with a valuable and rapid tool to quantify the levels of multiple key biomarkers associated with celiac disease,” said Andrew Morris, CEO of SQI Diagnostics. “Furthermore, this panel quantifies both peptide biomarkers and antibody biomarkers simultaneously, highlighting the ability of SQI’s platform to detect, measure and subtype a range a protein types within a single multiplexed test, enabling a whole new class of diagnostic combinations to be possible.”

The Ig_plex Celiac DGP Panel is intended for use in clinical laboratories as an aid in the diagnosis of celiac disease. The multiplexed assay provides semi-quantitative determination of the IgG and IgA immunoglobulin classes of DGP (deaminated gliadin peptide) and tTG (anti-tissue transglutaminase) antibodies in a single test requiring only one human sample. The panel operates on the sqid-X™ system, an automated diagnostic analyzer that can process hundreds of patient samples per hour. The Company is filing for regulatory approvals for the Ig_plex Celiac DGP Panel in additional jurisdictions.

The overall agreement between commercially available predicate methods for detecting the four analytes compared with the Ig_plex Celiac DGP Panel from SQI which detected the four distinct analytes simultaneously, was very high. The overall agreement for the specific analytes is as follows:

AnalyteOverall Agreement (%) (n=264)
tTG IgA98.5 %
tTG IgG89.0 %
DGP IgA96.2 %
DGP IgG96.2 %

Celiac disease is a common autoimmune disorder triggered by the consumption of the protein gluten, which is found in foods containing wheat, barley or rye. Celiac disease causes an immune reaction in the small intestine, causing damage to the surface of the small intestine and an inability to absorb certain nutrients. A recent study in the peer reviewed journal Gastroenterology reported that the incidence of celiac disease has quadrupled since 1950 to one in 105 Americans, and that the disease remains poorly diagnosed.

In addition to its suite of assays for celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis, SQI is building a pipeline of other high-demand autoimmune assays, including a quantitative 12-plex panel for lupus, a quantitative 3-plex panel for vasculitis, and an 8-plex panel for Crohn’s disease. The Company has also developed a suite of custom protein microarray assays to measure immunogenicity for pharmaceutical companies and their clinical research organizations.

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About SQI Diagnostics

SQI Diagnostics is a life sciences and diagnostics company that develops and commercializes proprietary technologies and products for advanced microarray diagnostics. The Company’s proprietary microarray tests and fully-automated systems are designed to simplify protein and antibody testing workflow, increase throughput, reduce costs and provide excellent data quality. For more information, please visit

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