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Access all the multiplexing power of Ig_plex technology on a budget, with our semi-automated system.

One well will tell

Quantitate proteins, isotypes and subclasses

Sensitivity down to pg/mL range

CV as low as 10%

Handle sample fluidics yourself and the sqid-X system will quantitate targets with the same sensitivity as our sqidlite and sqidworks systems.


Illustration of Ig_plex technology

Proteins, antibodies or any other target of interest are expertly reproduced on a plate, cleanly capturing targets. Differentially labeled secondary antibodies bind on to the anti-drug antibody located in the subject serum, identifying isotype and subclass. Labels are detected by a scanner and interrogated by a unique algorithm.


Our 21 CFR Part 11 spot-onĀ® software interrogates only the analytes you want, with no hidden results. Plus it allows you to configure your whole run from a desktop. Just point and click to set dilutions, incubations, washing, drying, scanning and reporting.