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A practical benchtop system that allows you to process one plate per run, after only 20 minutes setup.

One well will tell

Quantitate proteins, isotypes and subclasses

Sensitivity down to pg/mL range

CV as low as 10%

CE marked, IVD coming soon

Bring in the versatile sqidlite system and transform lab performance overnight. In one compact footprint, you’ll get all the multiplexing capabilities of our Ig_plex technology, plus full process automation including complete liquid handling and on-deck dilution. Onboard robotics match the sqidworks system, so all you have to do is configure the run, load samples and reagents, then walk away. Results are yours in three hours.


Illustration of Ig_plex technology

Proteins, antibodies or any other target of interest are expertly reproduced on a plate, cleanly capturing targets. Differentially labeled secondary antibodies bind on to the anti-drug antibody located in the subject serum, identifying isotype and subclass. Labels are detected by a scanner and interrogated by a unique algorithm.


Our 21 CFR Part 11 spot-on® software interrogates only the analytes you want, with no hidden results. Plus it allows you to configure your whole run from a desktop. Just point and click to set dilutions, incubations, washing, drying, scanning and reporting.