Multiplexing doesn’t have to be a compromise anymore. SQI Diagnostics gives you powerful all-in-one-well efficiencies while generating gold-standard data—achieving excellent predicate agreement with ELISA.

Our Ig_plex technology delivers innovation at every step.

  • Antigens are expertly reproduced on plates within a week
  • Anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) from subject serum are captured cleanly
  • Differentially labeled secondary antibodies bind to the ADAs, identifying isotype and subclass
  • Labels are scanned and interrogated by a unique algorithm
  • Dual-layer multiplexing™ not available in other technologies

Capturing targets

Generating results

A multi-wavelength scanner illuminates and records the labels to quantify secondary antibodies. Then our 21 CFR Part 11 quantispot® software interrogates only the analytes you want, ensuring there are no hidden results. Reports include qualitative screen and quantitative titer.

The user-friendly console makes it simple to configure everything from dilutions, incubations, washing and drying, through scanning and reporting.

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