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Dig deeper into immune response, in less time. Our multiplex products simultaneously quantitate immunoglobulin isotype and subclass responses for multiple antigens in a single well. All while delivering the sensitivity and reproducibility of singleplex analysis. Cut hundreds of steps and many months from your process.

Immunogenicity and bioanalysis

Classify and quantitate the complete patient immune response in a single test. SQI Diagnostics will cut the redundancy and cost out of your program through the seamless application of dual-layer multiplexing.

IVD and clinical

Now clinical labs can multiplex without sacrificing sensitivity or reproducibility. SQI Diagnostics allows you to test several markers in one run, from a single sample. Drilling down to target antibody subclasses for a fuller understanding of disease.


Generate quantitative, clinical-grade data while multiplexing. Our system better quantifies biomarkers on the first pass to jumpstart your interrogation program. Plus, SQI Diagnostics works with you to print plates and optimize assays in weeks.

Assay development

You are just one assay away from all the information you need. Let us help develop it so you can get up and running even sooner. Working closely with your team, we will optimize methodology so you’re generating data in weeks, not months.